I’m Kate
, a 
designer &
based in San Francisco. I’m passionate about beautiful typography, accessible digital experiences, and fully immersing myself in the research process.  

I.  Drawing Restraint (Print)
II. Kuleshov Effect (Print, Environment)
III. Spectacle (Identity, Print, Web, Environment)
IV. Mise En Scène (Print)
V.  Boston University Libraries (Print, Web, Environment)
VI. Duke Quantum Center (Identity, Motion)
VII. Urban American City (Identity, Print, Web)
VIII. Existential Crisis (Print, Web)
IX. Illustration
X. Painting
XI. Archive/scraps/fun stuff


 ︎ @katemonroe__ ︎ Kate Monroe ︎ katefmonroe@gmail.com ︎︎︎ Currently open for freelance opportunities and always looking for collaborations